“ Hidden by no one, but seen by no one. ”

-By Masahiko Kishi, “Sociology of the Fragmentary-

Kiyomi Uozumi (born in 1981 in Wakayama, Japan), and Tetsuhiro Uozumi (born in 1980 in Aichi, Japan) are a creative duo formed in 2005. They have been based in Berlin since 2007.

Their core concept centers on their obsession with mystery and its effect on human behavior. They obsessively collect and combine objects which are overlooked and discarded by, for example, members of a specific culture, time period, or remote neighborhood. These objects are forgotten and seen by no one, yet each holds valuable traces of their previous lives. Atelier Uozumi produces a wide variety of work including drawings, sculptures, and prints, as well as large-scale installations featuring dramatic lighting and sounds.

Recently, Kiyomi and Tetsuhiro have received international acclaim for their fabricated “experiences”, which ultimately culminate in a series of long-term public installation works. These enigmatic works begin with sourcing materials through the solicitation of unwanted objects from surrounding communities. This interdependent relationship is formed through intentionally mysterious means, such as spreading rumors or mass-mailing illustrated letters. Curious participants are invited to gather at a familiar public space to experience it anew–dramatically lit arrangements of objects paired with arresting audio recordings of daily human life.