about us

 We are Tetsuhiro and Kiyomi Uozumi, and we have been making art together since 2005. We have been living in Berlin since 2007.
Our artistic work includes installations, drawings and objects.
 We use light, sound and everyday items, that have no use anymore, which we collect in the area of the exhibition venue, to create our work. Our interest lies in producing art, that refers to the current location. After doing research on site, we interpret the gained information according to our own set of rules and arrange everything to an installation.

Our research is based on the following three points:
--There are meaningless fragments, that avoid being interpreted and understood.
--Objects and sounds, that nobody notices anymore, disappear slowly.
--“The hidden reality is much deeper than the world we created with our thoughts.”
      Kuni Yanagida, Japanese ethnologist and author (1875-1962)

In other words, we collect the things, that have lost their value and meaning within society and correct them, as if they have been mistakes. We hope that the resulting artwork is being well received and enjoyed by the visitor.


 2000  Creative activities beginning
   Solo Exhibition "Haku Maku" at Gallery haneusagi in kyoto
 2005  Group exhibition on campus at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music
 2006  "To Be Not Extinguished in Such a World" at Gallery 16 in Kyoto 
   Group Exhibition on campus at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music
 2008  Group Exhibition "Christmas Bazar with Artists in Berlin" Turn berlin gallery in Berlin 
 2009  Group Exhibition "Miscellany Springs" Turn-berlin gallery in Berlin
   Competition "Walter Koschatzky Kunstpreis 2009" (purchase) at MUMoK in Vienna
   Group Exhibition "SHIRO / WHITE" at Buchexil-Neukölln Antiquariat in Berlin 
   Group Exhibition "My One Day" at Josetti Hoefe in Berlin
   Art fair "Hanse Art" in Bremen
   Group Exhibition "5th Salon Culturel Ladoré" Salon Culturel Ladoré, in Berlin 
 2010  Solo Exhibition “Waterside” at Klötze und Schinken in Berlin
   Solo Exhibition at Caffetteria Buchhandlung in Berlin
   Group Exhibition “WE ARE THE ISLANDS” Bethanien in Berlin
   Group Exhibition “YOUNG ART AUCTION” in Vienna Austria
   Group Exhibition at K-Salon in Berlin
   Exhibition at Künstlerverein Malkasten in Düsseldorf
   Group Exhibition “6.KALK KUNST ” in Cologne
 2011  Group Exhibition “YOUNG ART AUCTION” in Vienna Austria
 2012  Group Exhibition ”THE SECOND TKW PROGRAM” at TENRI CULTURE WORKSHOP in Cologne
   Art Residence Program “NES S.E.A FEST IN SKAGÄSTROND” Iceland
   Group Exhibition “YOUNG ART AUCTION” in Vienna Austria
 2013  Competition "Walter Koschatzky Kunstpreis 2013”  at MUMoK in Vienna
   Solo Exhibition at Satellite Gallery of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art in Nagoya Japan
    Solo Exhibition at INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE in Berlin
   Solo Exhibition at SUPER BIEN! in Berlin 
 2014  Artist Residence TWS Program at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien in Berlin
   Group Exhibition “Japanese Whispers” at REH-transformer in Berlin
   Group Exhibition “Unseen Daily Life” at tokyo wonder site hongo in Tokyo
 2015  Group Exhibition “NAKANOJO BINENNALE 2015”  in Gunma Japan
 2016  Group Exhibition “OSTRALE 2016”  in Dresden
   Artist in Residence TITANIK in Turku Finland
   Solo Extibition at LAD Galley in Nagoya Japan
   Group Exhibition “Mediations Biennale 2016” in Poznań Poland
 2017  Group Exhibition “OpenArt 2017” in Örebro Sweden
   Group Exhibition “OSTRALE 2017”  in Dresden
   Group Exhibition “NAKANOJO BINENNALE 2017” in Gunma Japan
 2018  Group Exhibition “Culture City of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa Altering Home”  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Japan